Milky Way Chasers

Achive magnificent long exposure photographies

Milky Way Chasers

The Atacama Desert has one of the clearest night skies in the world:

A perfect issue for Astrophotography.

The Milky Way Chasers workshop will take you to a free light pollution area.
There, we will be able to chase that shot of the Milky Way.


Professional Assistance

Our Atacama Images team will help you to achive that nightshot that you want.

If you are a professional photographer we will assist you.

And if you are starting in the long exposure photography we will give you all our tips to get a perfect image.


The Schedule

We will pick you up after your dinner at your hotel or restaurant. The hour will depend on the season of the year, generally it is one or two hours after sunset.

Then, we will drive at least 30 minutes to reach a free light pollution spot and we will use this time to share some tips about long exposure photography and the proper way to process the captures after the shooting.

Once we arrive, we will help you to set the equipment and we will run the workshop.

It is a two hours workshop where we will share all our niteshot’s knowledge and we will assist you.



Good to know

What do you get?

• Professional assistance
• An amazing set of the stars captured by yourself
• Pro edition tips


What’s included?

• Transportation
• 2 Tripods (Manfrotto)
• Head lamps with red lights
• Hot drinks (coffee, tea)
• Snacks
• Available at English, Portuguese and Spanish.


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